About Us
Filippo Galoppi & Piero Lauro
One a lover of tradition, the other of innovation, bring to light an ancient Neapolitan tailor's shop with over 50 years of work behind it, giving it a new name, a new international vision and a new mission.
What Is Bespoke?
It is a term that comes to us from the English tailoring of the nineteenth century and has a purely artisan meaning: the tailoring had in storage the cuts of fabrics chosen by the customer, and after the various measurements were made the cloths were tailored according to the tastes and characteristics of the customer.
Introduction to Virum Naples in Holland
Everything is ready at the former Pakkhuis Dekker warehouse in Heiloo for a special event: you can see jackets carefully arranged on display mannequins, cleverly sewn ties in flashy and bright colors, tailored dresses arranged according to the geometry of the room.

Our concealed dress

A complete dress is sewn with about 30,100 stitches, threaded by as many gestures in about 40 hours of work.
The well-sharpened scissors make a precise cut; the pieces of fabric become geometric figures that will be recomposed in perfect harmony. If you are wrong, you start over again.


The tailor-made dress is designed to reduce the distance between a packaged dress and a tailoring suit.
It starts from an industrial pattern that is modified according to the needs and measures of the person who will wear the garment. The customer chooses among some models of dress that will then be adapted to his physicality.

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