Bespoke Suits


What Is Bespoke?

It is a term that comes to us from the English tailoring of the nineteenth century and has a purely artisan meaning: the tailoring had in storage the cuts of fabrics chosen by the customer, and after the various measurements were made the cloths were tailored according to the tastes and characteristics of the customer.

These cuts were affixed with a label which read ‘been spoken for……’ (hence the bespoke contraction).

Today this term, even if it is sometimes abused, still identifies the purely artisan tailoring, in other words that which creates a dress from scratch, cutting and shaping the fabric chosen on the body of the customer.

Our concealed dress

A complete dress is sewn with about 30,100 stitches, threaded by as many gestures in about 40 hours of work.

The well-sharpened scissors make a precise cut; the pieces of fabric become geometric figures that will be recomposed in perfect harmony. If you are wrong? You start over again.

And for every cut and every sewing there is a steam iron blow.

This process, together with the quilting of thin layers of cloth, gives that roundness so loved by those who wear tailor-made clothes.

attaccatura bottoni virum
taglio vestiti virum
Tailoring Suits


What makes our garment soft but at the same time captivating? Let’s explain our jacket in its original form.

The jacket is made internally, and we appreciate it especially in the strategic parts such as lapels, collar, chest, with a material that is inserted into the jacket (between fabric and lining) during processing.

The material of the fabric is wool and horsehair. We then insert pieces of webbing and leather band to ensure a perfect and homogeneous draft to the jacket, but always strictly by hand.

How can I tell if my jacket is handmade? Try turning the lapel of the jacket, are the stitches visible? Good.

Are the stitches extremely regular or do you notice an apparent disorder? Perfect, the skillful hand of our tailors has lingered a long time before threading needle and thread making it perfect.

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